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Heritage & Restoration Work

At Fine Line Repointing we are very passionate about Adelaide homes and buisnesses that have great historical character and architectural value.  Over the years, the outside elements can lead to the degradation of the stone and brickwork of these beautiful aging buildings.

Our long-standing and continuing work with historic and listed buildings, now into its fourth decade, stands testament to our position as a leading stone restorer. 

Repointing Project 1

We have a team of heritage stone and brick experts that can effectively restore stone and brick, while respecting and upholding the historical value of the building.

Our Services include:

  • Facade Restoration
  • Repointing, Stone and brickwork
  • Paint Removal
  • Stone resurfacing
  • Stone cleaning

We can give a face lift to tired old homes

with quality stone veneers and traditional plaster work so that they look as if the renovation is original.