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Salt Damp

Salt damp is caused by salts and minerals rising from the ground and corrodes the mortar of the structure.

Salt damp can cause structural damage if left unchecked over a period of time. Plaster and paint peels, steel and nails rust and timber rots. In addition to this, there will also be corrosion, smells and mould. These conditions also attract pests such as termites.

The best method to rid your house of salt damp is to underset it. This is where we remove the effected masonry, whether it is brick or stone, insert a plastic membrane and rebuild the walls from the foundation up to where the masonry is in good condition.

The alternative method is chemical injection. This has limitations however,  typically, if the masonry is powdering, chemical injection is inadequate. Before injection, we dilute the salt content in the wall to minimize the damage done to the wall by applying a poulticing product, designed to remove salts associated with rising and lateral damp from masonry walls and sandstone.

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